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Trying to posting first VAT return, annoying small discrepancy!

About to submit first VAT return via QuickFile but stuck at final hurdle. The box 7 figure entered on the return doesn’t tally with the spreadsheet calculations you can see when you hit “download calculations”. Box 7 on the return says £1168. So does the spreadsheet itself when it enters the figure for “total value of purchases ex VAT”. But the broken-down list of individual purchases lower down on the spreadsheet comes to £1156.87. I just can’t see where the £11.13 difference can lie. Any ideas please?
Thank you.

Do you have a figure in box 9?

Given you refer to the button as “download calculations” this suggests your account is still on the older version of the VAT return form (where it’s all on a green background) - in this version EU acquisitions are listed separately from UK purchases so you have to add the totals from the two sections together and then round to the nearest whole pound to get the final box 7 number.

In the newer version of the form (where the button is at the top instead of the bottom and is labelled “export”) there’s a separate list of items for each of the 9 boxes, and the box 7 list includes both UK and EU purchases together with one total.

No, no EU acquisitions in box 9. It’s very odd. The spreadsheet just seems to contradict itself!
6131541600_VATRETURN_0 (23).xlsx (11.5 KB)

So if you add 187.75 (total of purchases) to 969.12 (total of bank entries) you get 1156.87. Yet the “total value of purchases ex VAT” figure at D11 is 1168. I cannot fathom where the (1168-1156.87=) 11.13 has come from!

I use accrual rather than cash accounting so I’m not sure of all the details on how the cash accounting return is calculated, hopefully someone else can help here.

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply though Ian! Have a great day.

Hi @mikejohnson

Let me send you a private message and we can take a look at this for you.

@QFMathew has sorted the issue by moving me to the newer version of the VAT return, which allows greater visibility of how the calculations have been made. Thanks so much!

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