Tutorial on QuickFile for Logging rental income and expenses outgoings on properties

Does any one know any tutorial videos on how to use QuickFile for property management. We have approx 28 tenants and like to log in rent payments and expenses. We’ve had a try of it and it’s so difficult, not user friendly.


set up each tenant as a client, and generate an invoice for each one, once per month for the rent.

You can also set this to auto generate once per month.

So currently you would generate 28 invoices per month, if you charged them all, each on a monthly basis.

If you want to split expenses for each Tennant, you’d need to use project tags.

If I’m honest with you, rental management wasn’t something quickfile was designed for. It’s very complicated and as such there are specialist software for that reason.

I totally agree with you, Quickfile is more aimed at standard businesses and not for property landlords,