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Two bank feeds with one bank

I have a business account and personal bank account with the same bank Santander. Currently can only activate only or other for Bank Feeds. How can I enable both for Bank Feeds?


Do both of your accounts use the same log in for online banking? The Open Banking feeds only allow one log in at a time. If you can access them both using the same log in then you should be given the option to select the accounts you want to grant access to

The two Santander accounts have different log in passwords and user names. How can open up both?


It is not supported at the moment to have two separate log ins for Open Banking with the same bank.

What is the reason for the two separate log ins? Are you not able to ask the bank to merge them?

Historical, A&L became Santander. I have requested the two accounts to be merged. Problem solved, Thanks James

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Have merged accounts, but still can only get feeds for one or other Santander account.


If you log in outside of QuickFile can you see all of the accounts under one log in?

You should be able to select the accounts you wish to grant access to when you set up the Open Banking feed (you’ll have to revoke and re-instate it)

All sorted. Thanks J

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