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Two custom reports

One of my clients is being audited and will require the two following custom reports - I wondered if you can build this functionality into the existing reports.

  1. Aged Debtors and Creditors report - can this be build at a certain point in time, i.e. i need year ended 31 March 2021 for both
  2. Segmented profit and loss by month, great report but it defaults to the month we are currently in minus 12, I need a segmented report for between two points in time; i.e. April to March. Not so simple to just go back 12 months as my client has constantly changing GL codes so it’s difficult to match two periods together.

Thanks in advance

Hi Damien,
For aged debtors (or at least a list) have you tried…Sales>Outstanding Invoices>Search> and then use the dates and other options to list what you require?
You can leave all the client details blank and search for “status” unpaid or part paid.
I’m no expert of QF yet but this may help.

That only works for invoices that are still unpaid now, it doesn’t give you a snapshot in time of invoices that were unpaid at a particular date in the past (whether or not they have been paid since).

This functionality (the ability to create Aged Debtors and Creditors at a given point in time) is crucial and very necessary when compiling data to produce year end Accounts. It is available as a standard report in some other software and perhaps the development team can look at this?


There is an aged debtors/creditors report.

Reports >> Show All Reports

or there is this one:

Hi Beth, the “Other Reports”>Debtor/Creditor Report is the really useful one for Accountants when they need to get a list of closing balances which tie into the sales ledger or purchase ledger balances at a set point in time…many thanks.

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