Un processed VAT claim


How do I run a report to show any transactions which have been missed from VAT returns?

The reason is that I have found a number of unprocessed receipts which I have now logged but they are dated in periods where we have already submitted the vat return to HMRC.



What is your vat basis? Cash or Accruals?


We are on cash accounting

Have you submitted previous vat returns using QF or some other way?

Hi @Jago

There isn’t a report exactly to say what has been missed, but what you could do is run a VAT return but not save it. If you go to Reports >> VAT Return and start a new one, and then download the calculations, this will include everything that has been picked up for the next return.

Anything that has been missed in previous returns will be picked up for the next one.

Hope that helps


Thats great, I think you have answered my concern that there could be missed transaction, but from what you are saying they should have been picked up.

Many thanks

Glad we could help! Just remember to check the backing report (click ‘Download Calculations’) to be sure everything is correct before submitting to HMRC. Let us know if you need any further help :slight_smile: