Unable to add NatWest feed

I’m having trouble setting up the Natwest Bank Feeds feature on quickfile. I am not able to add Natwest to banking feeds. any idea how can I sort out this problem?

Hi @suleyman

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced some issues here.

Are you seeing any errors? Can you give us a few more details please? For example, what steps did you take to see this error?

Hi Mathew,
I can select which account to connect to QF, after select to account. I got this message “Page Expired
The page you are trying to access is no longer available.”

Hi @suleyman

When you see this message, does it show “quickfile.co.uk” in the address bar?

Hi Mathew,
the message comes with these link.

Unfortunately, the issue seems to be on the NatWest side of things, which we have no control over.

You would need to reach out to their customer support team.

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