Unable to collect by direct debit

I have been able to collect from this client without issues in the past using the Direct Debit, they have changed the bank, so I have removed the Direct Debit, setup a new instruction for them (and it’s approved now) but when I try to collect direct debit I get this error on top of the screen and nothing else:
One or more Direct Debit requests could not be processed:
The payment request was not successful.

I should add that this invoice is over £5k, while all other invoices were under £3k

Hi @Thomas_Radosh,

Sorry to hear you are having problems, I would recommend getting in touch with Go Cardless to make sure there aren’t any errors on their end. If everything appears to be working fine on their side then we can take a further look for you

further to my previous post, you should be able to log in to your GC account to check that the direct debit is active

it’s active, however I did check and GC have the transaction limit of £5k so I’m asking client to pay using bank transfer. Thank you

Hi @Thomas_Radosh,

Glad you’ve sorted it :slight_smile:

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