Unable to connect to HMRC

I am trying to submit my second VAT return and I am continual getting the following message:

“We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later.”

I have waited and tried again and still with no success. How often should I be trying to do this? It is very frustrating.

Hi @caroline1,

HMRC are currently doing some maintenance until 4pm today so this could be the reason you are having problems.

I would suggest leaving it an hour and then trying again

Same problem I am having “We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later.”
Getting message since Saturday.


To keep up to date with any maintenance happening we post it all to this page:


When I go into VAT Liabilities and Payments under HMRC, I see the following error:
The ‘organisations/vat’ API is currently unavailable

I currently can’t create a new VAT return.

Could anyone point me in the right direction as to how to resolve this please?

Thank you.

I posted yesterday to say I couldn’t connect to HMRC.
I decided to try early this morning 7.30am (assuming HMRC wouldn’t be overloaded with people attempting to post their returns at this time of day) and I still get the message saying “We are unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later”
Please can you help
Many thanks

Hi @wendycutting and @caroline1

There is an issue that HMRC are aware of. Please see our status page, and the HMRC status page for details and updates - https://status.quickfile.co.uk/incident/80

Hi Matthew
When I click on the link you have given. It only mentions issues of 19th (yesterday) and states that it should all be resolved by now, which it isn’t. What is the current position of HMRC?
I notice that on the quickfile system health page it shows “partial outage” to HMRC what does that mean?
Thanks for your help

Hi @caroline1

An update is included on the link above:

19/08/2019 19:42
We are aware of issues with the HMRC connections following the updates earlier today. HMRC are aware of the issue and working on a fix for this.

Please see the HMRC status page for additional information.

There are no further updates from this. The HMRC status page is also showing this issue as ongoing.

As soon as we have any updates, we’ll update our own status page.

Hope this helps.

HMRC appear to have brought their MTD services back online this morning. If anybody continues to experience problems connecting, please let us know.

Excellent, I’ve managed to file my VAT return now. Does this mean they will automatically take payment at some point? Or do I need to do something else?

Last time the payment wasn’t automatically taken.

Hi @wendycutting

QuickFile doesn’t trigger any payments in relation to VAT returns, it would depend on your set up with HMRC directly.

If you have an active direct debit with them, they will normally take this before 12th of the following month. But it may be worth logging into your HMRC account directly and double checking there.

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