Unable to delete old invoices and credit note


I am unable to delete 2 invoices and a credit note from back in 2014. Please could someone take a look and delete them for me.

On the dashboard it shows an outstanding amount owed to me, which is incorrect as nothing is owed to me. The document numbers are 000005, 000006 and CN00002.

My account number is 6131442213

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dagayveggi

Are you receiving any errors when you’re trying to delete the credit note? Providing that the credited amount hasn’t been used to pay another invoice, and it’s not locked by a year end journal or VAT return, you should be able to delete it

None at all, the page simply reloads and shows a page as though they’ve been removed, but if I then go back to the dashboard, they’re still there showinh as a balance due to me.

Very puzzled.:confused:

I’ve just tried deleting this and I’m getting the same as you. I’ve asked my colleague to take a look as I believe there’s an issue here. We’ll update this thread once we know a bit more :slight_smile:

Hi @dagayveggi

It’s been head work for our dev team, but they think they’ve cracked it.

Can you have another go now and let me know if it’s all OK please?

Hi @QFMathew,

Fantastic all good now, they’ve been deleted. What was the issue for future reference?


There was a slight glitch behind the scenes for the invoices. I don’t think it could have been avoided, but it should hopefully be all OK now though :slight_smile:

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