Unable to file VAT online

Registered with HMRC to file VAT online using their pilot on January 16th 2019. Been tryin g to submit VAT return for November-January but keep getting following message: You are not yet authorised to view this report for the **VRN ********** . Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.
I have checked all details and all correct.
I contacted HMRC today and they said all was OK at their end - all set up and working. I checked the login details with them and all correct and tried to log in via Government Gateway with success - so login details OK.

I need to file VAT return soon otherwise I will be fined.
The problem seems to be with communication between Quick File and HMRC from your end.

Hi @PaulS

There are no issues on our end.

If you log into the HMRC website using the same account as the one you’ve linked on QuickFile, do you see the MTD option there?

Yes. I have spoken to HMRC today and they confirm all is in order at their end.

Just to confirm, if you log into the HMRC website, using the same credentials for the account linked with QuickFile, you do see the MTD box shown in the following post? MTD linking

Yes, exactly what I see.

If it’s definitely the right tax account, and you registered for MTD on 16th Jan, that certainly sounds a bit strange.

Would you be able to send me a private message please with a screenshot of your HMRC account showing your VAT number and the MTD message? We can raise this with HMRC.

Sorry, how do I send a private message?

File removed from public view

Click on the name or profile picture at the top of any post and it expands into a mini profile “card” for the author - the “message” button is on there.

Hi @PaulS

I have downloaded the file and removed it from public view. I will take a look at this for you when I’m in the office in the morning.

Thanks. HMRC ringing back at lunchtime tomorrow (Wednesday) if you have anything to report by then.

@PaulS - Will send you a private message.

Dear All, This is now sorted, thank you.

Hi @PaulS

That’s great news. Do you know what the issue was after?

Quick File account was unlinked from HMRC and then re-linked - then it worked! . Seems that I authorised communication between QuickFile and HMRC before the MTD link was established by HMRC. Handshaking was misaligned on date!

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