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Unable to generate Barclays Bank Feed


I subscribed to Yodlee and opened the Bank Management page. There is no blue icon or blue button visible, so there appears to0 be no way to cancel the existing feed. I did try going through the process via the 'Activate bank Feed link. It gave me the security number. I logged on to my Barclays account and keyed the number into into the relevant box. It came up with the error message ‘6012 - It looks like there are no eligible accounts available to proceed with this request’.

I 'phoned them and they referred me back to you, so here I am! The problem looks as if it starts with the missing icon.


Hi @Recordings

Did you have a feed prior to purchasing the subscription (e.g. the QuickFile Barclays feed)?

What type of account do you have with Barclays (e.g. a current account)?



Yes, I have an existing feed, which is still operational. It is a business current account.



Hi @Recordings

Thanks for clarifying.

The lack of a blue icon does suggest that there isn’t a feed that’s active on the account at the moment. If you try to activate a feed by going to More Options >> Activate Bank Feed:


and then you should see this:

Is this what you’re seeing at the moment, or are you seeing something different?



I went through the whole process using the ‘activate’ link, but ended up with the error message at Barclays. On the 'phone they referred me back to you. The most recent entry from the Quickfile Barclays feed is dated 27 December, so it still seems to be active, although the most recent transaction for 2 January has not yet shown up in Qhickfile.


So just to confirm, you saw the messages above, went through to the Open Banking section from there, clicked through to Barclays and then saw the error about no eligible accounts?

If that is the case, that would have been Barclays giving the error message rather than us - we don’t see any bank accounts or transactions until you authorise it with Barclays.


That’s right. I tried it about three times over two days, then phoned them before posting on the forum. They were very quick to refer me back to you, which leaves me in a bit of a whirlpool and at risk of losing the feed altogether after the 14th.

Hopefully this can be sorted out. It is still a mystery that there was no blue button to remove he original feed.


I’m sorry to hear about this. We did experience an issue yesterday with Barclays, but this was on Barclays end rather than ours. They are investigating it and we’ll let you know when we hear back from them.

It may be worth keeping on eye on our status page too as we’ll post updates there: https://status.quickfile.co.uk


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