Unable to import bank statement - transactions before lock date

hi, when i try to upload my bank statement from natwest i keep getting

has always been fine up to now
anybody any ideas?

You’ve got a lock in place on your account for 31st May 2014. Your statement contains data for before this date, so it won’t allow you to import it.

hi, trying to import this october / november which is after the lock date

How odd! Maybe @Glenn will notice something from the logs. I’m sure he’ll be in touch shortly :slight_smile:

@apricorn did you sort this? I see the raw statement info you’re uploading and they appear already to be imported onto your current account?

I did notice the dates on the CSV were in US format (mm/dd/yyyy) but I’m not sure that would have caused a problem?


I see on your first statements you had transactions on 11/3/2014 that preceded the lock date. I assume you’ve sorted this now?