Unable to log in to my account or visit www.quickfile.co.uk

Unable to log in to my account or visit www.quickfile.co.uk!

As the Community website is a different system than I am able to contact you about the above problem that I report. Logged in earlier this morning on to two QF accounts. Would provide a screenshot of the message received but can not now find the button to include an image, so here’s the text;

"This site can’t be reached xxxxxx.quickfile.co.uk took too long to respond.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

Hi @alan_mcbrien,

Sorry to hear you are having problems, have you tried to access using different devices? I have not experienced any issues myself this morning or had any reports from other users.

Online now, was not your problem. Seems to be “a borrowing problem”! Should not have reported this to you. Marl topic closed. thank you for your early response.

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