Unable to login

Login link sends me to a page to submit e-mail address in order to receive details of my account. E-mail is received but does not include link to new login location.

Do you know your personalised URL for the account?

It would be http://personalised-part.quickfile.co.uk

In the email they send you, they should list the ‘personalised’ part for you

Hope this helps!

The e-mail contained almost no information. However, I’ve now guessed what the personalised part is and have access again.
Many thanks for your help.

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No problem - glad you’ve managed to gain access.

Although, I’m sure @Glenn would apprecaite the feedback on the email you received.

The email contains a series of blue buttons, all you need to do is click the button for the account you wish to access.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. What I received was this (anonymised):

Log into your Quick File account…The following accounts were located for ‘my-email’. Please select the company you wish to access below.TIP: Don’t forget to bookmark your login page for faster access in future!My Company NameYou are the administrator

No links.

What time did you receive the email? I’ll see if I can get obtain a copy of the email, and pass this on to one of our devs for review.

This morning, 1106…

I’ve retrieved a copy of the email and I’ll PM it to you. The bit where is says your company name (i.e. the blue buttons) is the link.

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