Unable to pay log payment for invoices

I have received a payment from a client that shows in my uploaded statement. It is a single payment that relates to 5 separate invoices. The client account shows that the invoices are overdue

When I try to tag the payment, I select payment from client.

  • I select client - the system can’t find any invoices that are outstanding for the client
  • I select a wider timeframe (6 months) - I get the same result no outstanding invoices
  • I select pay down multiple invoices or assign to client , am prompted to select client which I do - the system tells me incorrectly that there are no unpaid invoices for this client - So I save to client as a credit which shows to their account
  • I am not given an option to use the credit to pay the invoices - note that the invoices are in euro, they are paid in euro but the payment is exchanged automatically to GBP in my business account by my bank…

How can I show these invoices as having been paid?

Have you tried logging payment to each invoice by going to invoice itself, as these are euro invoices, currency exchange and gain to be accounted for as well which QF will do automatically when receipts are logged

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Fur cross-currency payments, rather than tagging the bank transaction you’ll need to start things from the invoice side. If you view all outstanding invoices, select the ones you want to pay with their tick boxes on the left, then “update as paid”, and select the single bulk payment option, then there you should be able to adjust the GBP amount to match what you actually received and QuickFile will calculate the exchange rate and deal with the currency loss/gain automatically.

This process will create a brand new pre-tagged transaction on the bank account which duplicates the one that was imported from the feed, you can safely delete the imported one to get things back in balance.

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