Unable to pay QF subscription using card links

I’ve had a renewal reminder, but clicking on the card links to make the payment doesn’t do anything except turn on my AV Banking Protection, so I can’t make the required payment. Have tried turning off banking protection, makes no difference.

Never had this issue with any other sites, please advise.


There was a post a few days ago that said there was a CSS issue meaning it works if you click on the card logo icons, just not on the card names or the rest of the white box. This may not have been fixed yet


Hi @Pelican10

There is an issue on the Barclaycard payment page. For security, we don’t have any access to this page, only Barclays do.

It has been raised with Barclays, but in the meantime, you can click on the card logo to select your card type -

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s worked.
I did search for similar posts but guess I didn’t use the right search words :slight_smile: