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Unable to remove "Customer Order No." from Sales Invoice

I have been working on updating the design of the Sales Invoice using CSS and used a paid invoice to see how the changes were shown.

I have entered a “Customer Order No.” where previously there was none to see the effect of filling the box to the maximum. After looking at the result I have been trying to revert the invoice to no order number but not possible.

At the moment reduced the customer order number box to a hyphen but how do I get it back to without any reference?

A/c ending ***0451
Sales invoice no. 001102

I did notice that a menu item has disappeared “Change status of invoice”!

Hi @alan_mcbrien

Can I just check which box you’re referring to here, please? Do you mean the “Purchase Reference” box?

I’m not sure which menu item you’re referring to here - I don’t recall this being available. Do you have any screenshots on where you would normally see this, please?

Yes, in the “Purchase Reference” box I cannot remove a “-”.

Change of status…I was mixing up between Estimates where this menu option is available.

Thanks! I’ve managed to replicate this and have logged it with our development team for review

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Hi @alan_mcbrien. This should be working as expected now, please let us know if you have any further difficulties.

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