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Unable to renew Santander Open Banking feed

Good morning.

I have unable to renew my Santander Open Banking feed. No changes to my computer or browser have been made since I first set up the feed.

Following the link from your website I was able to enter the information requested by Santander’s website. Unfortunately, the renewal failed on more than one occasion and a webpage displayed the following:

Oops something’s gone wrong
There was an error and we haven’t been able to complete your request.
Cancel & go back

Upon returning to Quickfile’s webpage displayed the following:

The authorisation request was cancelled by you or the connecting party.

Santander Online help desk spent thirty minutes with me as we examined what might be going wrong by attempting further renewals of the feed. Help desk could see that the renewal process was not functioning correctly and recommended that I bring this issue to your attention.

I shall be grateful if you look into the matter for me because Santander’s opinion was that the error occurred at your end.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Christopher Beeston

Hi @Borax

I’m sorry to hear about this, but we’ll certainly try our best to get this working for you.

Was this error message shown on the Santander website before being returned to QuickFile?

Thank you for the prompt response.

Yes it was, Matthew.

Mathew, I have finally solved the problem.

First of all, it has nothing to do with Quickfile.

My Santander current account goes all the way back to Alliance and Leicester. The descriptions / labels of the numbers required to re-activate the bank feed do not match my understanding of the labels used by Alliance and Leicester. Today the lady on the help desk realised where I was going wrong, told me to use my five digit PIN, and I was away.

Open banking feed all set up. Her fresh pair of ears led to my success.

Please accept my apologies for taking up your time.

Kind regards,

Christopher Beeston

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