Unable to submit second VAT return

I am trying to submit my second VAT return. The first one submitted successfully but now it is saying that my software isn’t authorised. I have double checked on the HMRC site and it is saying that Quickfile is authorised. Please can you help so that I can submit my return on time.

The first thing I would try is going to reports -> HMRC in QuickFile, disconnecting your tax account, then connecting it again and checking you have MTD features enabled on the VAT settings page.

Hi Ian - thanks for your message - we have tried your suggestion again and this is now the 2nd or 3rd time that we have tried. It is still not connecting. Any more suggestions please? We have not done anything or changed anything since our first VAT submission was sucessful.

There do seem to be a lot of people reporting issues right now, I wonder if it’s simply the sheer number of people who will be signing up to MTD for the first time this week - next week’s deadline will be the first compulsory MTD return for anyone using calendar quarters and given how many people seem to leave any tax submissions to the last possible moment…

Hi @Retailconnect,

Have you received the confirmation email from HMRC to say that MTD has all been set up? There has been a big delay with this, so if you haven’t received it then just double check on the HMRC website that you have signed up. Once the email has been received you should see the link in QuickFile.

Hi Beth
I submitted my first return successfully back in April and I have had the following back from HMRC today:

It may be that the software is no longer authorised. If you are having issues completing this process then I recommend contacting your software provider.

I hope you can help, Many thanks

Was that submitted via MTD (“linking” your tax account via reports -> HMRC) or via the older system where you entered your government gateway ID and password directly into the QuickFile settings?

Now you say it I think I must of entered my gateway ID and password directly into Quickfile settings. Because it worked perfectly I assumed that it was set up correctly. Hence I couldn’t understand why I am having issues now. Is there a link in Quickfile for MTD or do I go directly onto HMRC do you know?

Hi @Retailconnect

You can go to Reports >> HMRC to set up the link with your HMRC account.

You will need to enrol on MTD and wait for confirmation from HMRC, if you haven’t already done so.

Hi Mathew
I have just tried to enrol on MTD and it says I’m too close to filing my return to be able to do this yet. It has said can I submit it ‘the old way’. How can I do this the same as I did in April as Quickfile is not letting me create a VAT return?

It was set up correctly at that time - you’ve been able to submit returns online using the old-style system for years as an alternative to manually entering the numbers into the HMRC website, but for VAT periods starting 1st April or later the website option is no longer available and you must switch to the new “making tax digital” scheme instead.

If you untick “use MTD features” in your QuickFile VAT settings then that should allow you to use the older submission system. I then suggest you set up MTD in good time - e.g. early September - don’t leave it til just before your next return deadline.

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Thank you for your advice it has been very helpful. I will ensure to set up MTD in good time. Many thanks.

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