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Unable to submit VAT return (again)


I’m trying to submit my first VAT return under MTD. I think I’ve linked everything to HMRC correctly because I can see my previous filing (which I did before MTD). And I’ve double checked that the VAT calculation is correct, but when I press the submit return button I get this error:

Vat return submission failed as there may be a discrepancy in the VAT Return. We will automatically investigate this and we will contact you with further information ASAP. We advise you not to file this information with HMRC until we have completed our analysis.

This was some days ago, and no one has contacted me yet! Can you let me know what I might have done wrong please?

OK - problem was that I was just as baffled by your error message as this user:

I’ve followed the same procedure of rolling it back and resubmitting and now it has apparently worked.

Thanks T.


Hi @Thurston

I’m glad to hear you managed to resolve this. I have asked for this message to be revised to make it clearer for other users moving forward.

Any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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