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Unable to submit VAT return for last 1/4

Ive been submitting my vat return for 9 months using QuickFile but received correspondence from HMRC saying i wasn’t registered for MTD, when submitting this quarter’s return i registered, since then all i get on my screen is unable to submit and I’m not authorised to view files. I need to do this as my return is now late and isn’t my fault - please help

When did you register for MTD and what steps have you gone through? There are two separate elements to getting set up for MTD. First you have to register for it on the gov.uk site, and wait for them to send you a confirmation email saying the setup is complete on their side (which they say “allow 24 hours” but in reality it can be several days, particularly if you register close to the submission deadline date of the 7th of a month when many people are hitting the site at the same time). And second you have to connect the correct HMRC account to QuickFile, and configure QuickFile to use the connected tax account to submit VAT returns.

If you’ve successfully gone through the first stage and had the confirmation from HMRC then try disconnecting and reconnecting your tax account from the QuickFile side.

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