Unable to upload transactions from Square to Quickfile


I have just tried to upload transactions from my Square account (CSV) to Quickfile. As Square is not a listed as a bank I chose “other” I get this error message.

“Below is an extract of your CSV file. Please indicate where each field should be mapped to?”
Transaction date (Column ?) Description(Column ?) Amount (Column ?)

Despite the download being in csv format, all the information appears to sit in column 1.

Any suggestions on how to get this download into Quickfile?


Hi @Harvie

If it’s all appearing in one column, it would suggest an issue with the file formatting.

Are you able to open the CSV in a text editor (e.g. notepad, but not word), and post a small sample of data please? Remember to exclude any sensitive data.

Morning Mathew

Thanks for your reply. I spent most of yesterday afternoon messing around with the csv file that Square had provided me with. I now appear, after a couple of tweeks, to having it sorted.

Just in case anyone else on the forum is struggling, these are the fixes which worked for me. Firstly, I re-exported the original csv from Square to a new csv file. This sorted out the column issue when uploading to Quckfile. I believe that the new csv file had 48 column? My next issue was that I was struggling to map the gross sale column. Again after much messing around I discovered that the column was not purely figures, but also contained a £ sign. Reformatting the column to figures only allowed me to map to Quickfile. Was a big relief as I really did not fancy the idea of keying in each individual transaction manually.

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