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Unallocated Credit Notes and Payments not in suppliers Account Balance


I always get stuck with suppliers’ account balances. Selecting the View Suppliers from the Purchases tab lists the suppliers with unallocated purchase invoices, even if the balance due may be zero. Drilling into a specific supplier then brings up the Supplier dashboard. Again, there is the total invoices that are yet to be allocated under the title ‘Account balance at a glance’. Then below the chart there is a total of ‘Prepayments’ which includes unallocated payments made and also Credit Notes that are held on account (not refunded). However there is no final balance due to the supplier anywhere. It actually has to be worked out by deducting once from the other.

Is there any way I can see a list of outstanding ‘balances’ after any unallocated payments and credit notes being deducted from unallocated invoices? That list should tally with the creditors control account in the chart of accounts.

Many thanks


Advance (on account) payment to a supplier

Hi @Rosaire

As per our prior discussion I will convert this to a feature request, as we currently don’t show a merged total for invoice balances, less any prepayments. Would you like to see the NET total on the supplier detail screen?



Thanks Glenn. I was unsure how to post a ‘feature request’ :slight_smile:

Yes my suggestion is that the net balance due should also show in the list with a total at the bottom that tallies with the control account. I also suggest that on the supplier balance at a glance dashboard, there should also be the Net balance due and the outstanding invoices and prepayments AND Credit Notes, shown as they are (perhaps with more appropriate titles - Unallocated Invoices, and Unallocated Payments and Credit Notes?)

Keep up the good job!