Unallocated/unapplied supplier payments

I get a fair few clients who like to think a bank statement is all the evidence they need of business spending. I want to be able to tag these off to the sale/purchase ledger as unapplied credits/receipts and then present the client with a list of transactions that require supporting invoices/vat receipts etc.

I can totally do that for sales. There is the option to filter on unappealing payments for the sales ledger. That option, for some reason, does not exist for the purchase ledger?

Can we get it added in?

Just trying to understand this a little better. Can you confirm what you mean by “unappealing payments”?

Do you mean unallocated payments? I.e. payments lodged to a client but not to an invoice?

Lol- Yes, I must be the only one who can mispell with auto-correct. I do indeed mean unallocated payments on the purchase ledger. Sorry for the confusion.



No worries :smile:

If you go to the “Purchase” menu and select “Payments”, the search should work the same as it does for Sales Payments. In the advanced search here there is also a Type menu where you can show all Unallocated payments.

By the way, these options only show payments that have been paid to a client/supplier account but not allocated to an invoice. I’m not sure how your client is doing their bookkeeping but if they’re leaving items untagged on the bank then having a list of untagged items is more useful.

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