Unclear customer choice info on multiple screens


I’ve got a customer with several businesses with different business names but the same contact name/email when I want to raise an invoice against one of his businesses this is the confusing option I get.

two of the names are copies of his business name entries in positions 4&5 in the list.

Whilst Quickfile’s search for all relevant entries in both contact fields and business name fields is great, if you can’t distinguish the results it’s a pain. The results would be better if they returned as contact name/business name on one line.

Edit. just trying to tag a payment and have exactly the same issue of not being able to identify which account is which.

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Hello @aos

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll pass your feedback onto our development team, but will leave this thread open for other users to add their comments too in the meantime.

I understand what Aos is suggesting, one potential stumbling block I can see is that as clients can have multiple contacts, the default ‘find everything’ could limit searches to the default contact (bad) or bring up too many results if matching the client name. I would suggest that the search query matches against both client and contact tables, but that if it’s the client table that matches it then returns only the client name.

Has anything ever been done about this? I have several companies and clients with the same contact and it does quite often become a pain guessing at which one might be the correct one in the list.