Unexplained amount in creditors control account in Balance Sheet

I have been preparing my year end accounts, and tidying up the last years business dealings up to August 2021.
When doing so i had an amount in the debtors control account which was an invoice payment that was incorrectly dated, so i changed the payment date and that cleared.

The business currently has credits outstanding of £17,959, but the creditors control account is showing 18,043.22 and I cant find it anywhere. Been in the list of suppliers, advanced search to see invoice and paid totals, and nothing is popping out.

Anyone have any ideas how to find this?

Hi @rlmarineltd

The first place I would start is the Debtors/Creditors Report (Reports > All Reports), as this breaks down what that figure is comprised of.

Things such as a journal would influence this figure, but this report should highlight this for you.

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