Unlock a journal to add a missing transaction

I have read all the previous threads about deleting last lock date to unlock the last year end date and also the threads about deleting journals but to be honest I’m still confused as I cannot find were to delete the journals.

I need to add a transaction that I have since spotted causing my reconciliation to not balance. This was caused by an error between the bank feed and the paper statement. the paper statement shows two payments of the same amount whilst the bank feed only shows one. (i have verified from the customer that two payments were correct)…???

I do not see a delete button in my journal lists…

Please could you help

Thanks and soory to have piped up before I fully understood what I was reading in previous threads on the subject.

I think I have managed to achieve what I needed.

I found the “delete All” button in the journals list when I clicked view details from the Locked Date list of year end journals.
This of course allowed me to add an entry that was missing.
Hopefully I should be able to re-lock this year end again… will this create another journal…??


Hi @Chris_Perkins

Glad to hear you’ve managed to sort this.

Rerunning the year end tool will create a new year end journal and lock the accounts for that year as normal.

Please let us know if you need any further help.

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