Unlocking Accounting Period

A payment was accidentally deleted for an invoice raised in the previous financial year and I am unable to reinstate the payment as the period is locked. How can I unlock the accounting period to reinstate the payment?

If you go into Account Settings you should find an option Account lock date:

If you delete the date from the box and save this it should release the lock.

From where did you delete the payment?

Thanks for the quick response Glenn. The wrong payment was deleted from the invoice screen (if that makes sense)

Can I stop payment deletion relating to a previous period so as to avoid the same thing happening again?

That’s why I was asking, it shouldn’t have allowed you to delete the item to start with. We’re looking into this now.

We’ve replicated the problem and are working on a fix. Thank you for letting us know.

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Just to update this thread, the underlying problem has now been fixed and it is no longer possible to delete payments in the payment list screen.