Unnecessary signs

From the chart of accounts i go into a nominal code and then when i press on show notes after the client or suppliers name I always get before the description.

This seems to happen to all the quickfile accounts I use.
Any idea where these symbols come from?

Thank you

Hi @betty

I just want to clarify your query if I may.

Are you querying where the client and supplier details are coming from, or are you seeing something else? If it is something else, could you provide a screenshot or an example please?

It is something else as you can see - &#10 after the supplier name

Purchase Invoice: Items for purchase #QF00847 Add Notes

Supplier: Companies house Description: Annual return
13.00 –
13.00 0.0

Thanks for the example - that’s really helpful!

&#10 is code which is used when displaying certain characters on a webpage and ensures they don’t change how things look.

However, &#10 actually means ‘new line’. I will ask our development to take a look at this, and will let you know if anything changes here.

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