Unpaid Invoice

Hi all,

I had a invoice outstanding in the last tax year which went unpaid. In this tax year i wanted to add a unpaid charge to the invoice as per my terms. When I tried to do this it would not let me modify it as the previous tax year had closed so i had to create a new seperate invoice to do this.

The only problem now is that I have a invoice showing that in theory will never be paid, what can I do to remove it ?

Hi @Chris_Thompson

Has the original invoice been paid now, and if so did they pay the late fee? If so, you can tag the payment to multiple invoices, so the original amount would be tagged to the original invoice, with the late fee tagged to the fee invoice.

I hope that makes sense?

If this isn’t the situation, perhaps you could give me a few more details about what was paid etc?


It hasnt been paid yet but that makes total sense…many thanks !

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