Unread message alert - Mark all as read

This is such a small matter that it is hardly worth mentioning.

The message alert feature is great as a warning that you
have been contacted. However it become insignificant when there are a lot of
Quick File System Bot messages logged. In my case when I run out of money
(forget to reload) the mail system, it logs an error message for each invoice I
tried to send without sufficient mail funds. Fair enough.

However here is the issue.

You have to open each and every one of those messages to
clear them from the message alert on the front (home) page. Even archiving them
does not remove them.

Perhaps the next time someone is doing a rework of this area
they could include a bulk mark as read button or arrange for all items moved to
achieves to be marked as read.

As said, a small matter, but … annoying.


Yes I’ve come across this before and what we really need is a “Mark all as read” button. I’ve noted this down in our development planner. I am sure it will be a quick fix.

Just a quick one to let you know that we have now added a “Mark as Read” button to the main messaging area. You should be able to clear down 50 items at a time using this button.