Unrecognised postings


I brought my accounts up to date last week and reconciled the bank. I have just logged on an noticed that all my balances (P&L & Balance sheet) looked strange.

My bank account was showing as overdrawn (which it shouldn’t be, and wasn’t when I last reconciled it). When I started investigating, it appears that a massive journal entry has been posted with a date of 28/02/2014, but is made up of duplicate entries posted throughout the year. I know I haven’t posted this journal and I know that all my accounts were correct, balancing and reconciled when I last logged off.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what caused it and how did you get around it? I’ve tried to manually delete the postings, but the site just hangs and nothing happens.

It’s my year end and was hoping to be able to produce a set of accounts seeing as I had already done all the inputting, but now my accounts are a mess. I really don’t fancy having to re-input every transaction for the entire year into other software.

It’s related to recurring journals that incorrectly dredged up large numbers of transactions. Only two accounts were affected by this and were working on a fix today. I’ve replied to your other email separately, the incorrect journal will be removed in the next 10 minutes.

Thanks for sorting this and for sorting it so quickly :slight_smile: