Unsuccessful MTD VAT Return

Just submitted my first MTD VAT return and received the below:

Unsuccessful submission of VAT Submission online for Reference 247111629

Thank you for sending the VAT submission online.

The submission for reference 247111629 was received on 13/08/19. Unfortunately it could not be accepted as it failed HMRC data checks.

To correct this please use the help provided within the software you used to complete your form and send it again. If you continue having problems please contact the Online Services Helpdesk on 0300 200 3701.

Also received the below from Quickfile:
This email has been automatically generated to inform you that a VAT Return for CHC SUPPLIES LTD for the period 01/05/2019 to 31/07/2019 has been unsuccessfully processed by HM Revenue and Customs.

Reason being:

By ChRIS : The VRN specified 247111629 was not found.

If you have any questions regarding this VAT return, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @craighall260,

That error looks like the error that you get if you have registered for MTD but have used the older method to submit your return.

You will need to roll back the failed return and then submit again through MTD making sure that all the settings are correct first.

HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

Hi @QFBeth, Thanks I have rolled back the return now. The way I submitted this return was:

Reports > VAT Returns > Create New VAT Return > Corrected Dates to 01/05/19 to 31/07/2019 > Tick in box (File VAT Return electronically to HMRC) > Submit Return.

All done from within Quickfile website. I previously copied figures into HMRC website so obviously completely different to older method.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @craighall260

You will need to enable MTD on your account and link your HMRC and QuickFile accounts.

If you go to Reports >> HMRC, you can link your accounts here. When it comes to submitting your next return you should see a prompt to select what period it’s for. This will be part of the MTD process (as HMRC specifies the dates).

Hope that helps, but any problems, please let us know.

Hi @QFMathew Thanks I believe this is already in place. Here is an image of how my tax account looks. Thanks

@QFMathew @QFBeth All sorted I think! I was missing one of the tick boxes in the HMRC settings


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