Unticking 'reverse sale' box

I am wanting to untick the reverse charge box on some service purchase invoices, we are cash basis and it is messing up the VAT return. I have gone into the invoice, modify, unticked it and saved however, the system then goes back and re-ticks the reverse charge box meaning that the sale is then reported on accrual basis as before.

Can anyone help please?

Hi @cath_t

I’m not able to replicate this unfortunately. When I press “Save”, I see a green success message and the box remains unticked.

Can I check however if this is a sales invoice or a purchase invoice?

HI, it is a purchase invoice. I have tried it on numerous invoices and the box is restocked when I go back in and the red EC VAT EXEMPTION writing is back at the bottom

Thanks for confirming.

What web browser are you using? Have you tried it on a different browser?

when I save it it remains unticked and I get the green message, but when I come out and go back in the box is reticked

When you say “go back in”, are you clicking “Modify” again, or using the back button on your browser?
When viewing the invoice, is there any mention of the reverse charge (e.g. in the totals box)?

when I go back in I am going onto the supplier page and clicking on the invoice. Yes the red writing is there with EU VAT EXEMPTION.

I’ve just tried on another server - exactly the same

when I click on modify after I go back into the invoice the tick is not in the box, but the red writing is still showing at the bottom

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look for you.

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