Updating Clients email, first & surname through CSV

Hi, I am trying to update existing customer (clients) through CSV, their surnames, forenames and email id as i only had company names as their full names. Import only added one new client but did not update any other details on clients? Why is that, normally CSV imports are good to update as long there is unique reference with existing database

I’m afraid the import tool does not support updating records only initial insertion. Updating records via a CSV is actually a very intensive task as every single record needs to be poled and compared, fine if you have 50 records but very slow when you have 50,000.

Thanks Glen, I have updated 30,000 products on zencart base e-commerce site on daily basis, takes about few minutes and virtually can update any aspect of data based on primary keys. I am sure there must be primary keys for records like clients and suppliers in quickfile, if not there should be and visible on control panel as well as option to export/import in csv file, based on those primary keys (IDs) one can update any aspect of data relevant to them and it will help prevent creation of duplicate entries of client/suppliers with slightly miss-spelled name and also become easy in excel csv to pick right record for comparison and analysis for updating purpose.

Secondly once year end is run or invoice paid, it should not be allowed to edit it. Also looks like tagging rule created after bank feed is run does not seem to be working, looks like that needs to done before importing feed?

Moving on may be you can develop another product for purely accountants to produce statutory accounts and taxation based on clients primary data to be sucked from client accounts to accountants own control panel so that accountants can run online practise, it perfectly OK to charge for service.

Also if we can have filter at Status on bank statement view to filter out tagged , untagged or to be confirmed transactions that would help speed up bank reconciliation. Regrads

I’m not saying it isn’t possible, it’s just much more involving than doing straight imports. We have many different import types on our system not just client records, all these types are interrelated so changing one may have cascading effects on others. This is probably not the case with ZenCart, and I imagine this feature is more relevant to them due to managing fluctuating pricing. Very few things are beyond the realms of possibility it’s just we prioritise our development based on how frequently something is requested on this forum. I don’t think this has cropped up before, so I will move it to the “features” category and if more users add their vote we can certainly reconsider.

Also it’s best if you post different questions/feature discussions under separate headers otherwise nobody will find them again. It’s also difficult to have simultaneous conversations about different aspects of the system on one thread.