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Updating of bank feed in open accounts

Dear all

I have updated the bank feed consents, however it does not seem to be updating should I redo anything?

Thanking you
Sharon Skillings

Hi @skills08

Which bank are the feeds with?

Hi there, it is with Barclays

You should be able to refresh the feed if you go into the feed details


depending on when you last did a refresh you can usually enter a date for it to refresh back to

I have tried that however it does not refresh as per the entries displayed in the bank

Hi @skills08,

What are the dates for the missing transactions? What type of transactions are they? It may be that they just haven’t fully cleared yet to be brought in with the feed. Some types of transactions can take a couple of days to fully clear

Thank you very much, they were done as immediate payments though but I will give it a day or two and see if it works

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