Upgrade my current QF to affinity

Hi, firstly can you tell me if this is the right path to choose? I have an existing QF account and have a new company I want to keep separate. I had initially thought I would have 2 accounts but when registering the new company realised my email was locked to the other account (we are ‘trading as’ with the new company so emails are the same).

If it is the right way to go is there an upgrade method to apply to my existing account or do I just register and add the account later?

One last thing - I know I can lock certain features down for staff members but can I lock access between accounts? Specifically a director who is in involved in the second company but not the first one.

Thanks in advance.

Affinity is separate to QuickFile, so you would need to set up an Affinity account and link the QuickFile profile to it.

You can then create an account from Affinity for the other entity so that Affinity ‘owns’ it.

With the director you could give him a log in for the relevant QuickFile account that way he logs in directly and not through affinity meaning he wouldn’t see the other company at all.

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