Upload bank statements

I’m a property investor for retirement with 4 private rentals which are self managed. I want to run Quickfile in parallel using my current manual spreadsheet system as backup. I dont produce invoices and the only regular inpayments are monthly rents. I dont need to produce any kind of business reports.

Can I input theses rent payments together manually ?

Is it mandatory to upload my Bank statements ?

Any help appreciated
Thank you

Hi @SteveH

It’s not compulsory to upload the bank statement, but it can help keep things in check (who’s paid what). If you don’t have any invoices on QuickFile, there’d be nothing to tag the bank transactions to, so you should be fine.

Thanks for this info Mathew, that’s a relief! I only need to use the system for tax return so I will have to show rental income. The tenancy agreement is really the invoice as such. Perhaps I’ll have to construct a spreadsheet just for the rents and import that way. Anybody’s ideas would be welcome please.