Upload statement from GoCardless to Quickfile Merchant account option

could you please add to the upload statement in back accounts to enable the upload of the gocardless statement output into quickfile.

At the moment it has to be done manually with some editing using a spreadsheet. This could be quite easily done with simple mapping of the gocardless output so it could be uploaded into quickfile:

Here’s the fields in both the gc payouts export and the gc payments export there would be three figures needed to be pulled into quickfile merchant account ready to be tagged one the invoice one the bank charges and one the payment to the bank.

Here’s the fields for the gc payouts export
id amount currency created_at reference status arrival_date transaction_fee_debit transaction_fee_debit transaction_fee_credit app_fee_debit app_fee_credit total_payment_amount links.creditor_bank_account links.creditor surcharge_fee_debit surcharge_fee_credit tax_debit tax_credit

so its the
arrival_date column 7 as date
amount _out column 2 but this needs to be made - (negative)
reference column 5 as description

for the gc charges export the fields are
id created_at charge_date amount description currency status amount_refunded reference transaction_fee payout_date app_fee links.mandate links.creditor links.customer links.payout links.subscription customers.id customers.created_at customers.email customers.given_name customers.family_name customers.company_name customers.address_line1 customers.address_line2 customers.address_line3 customers.city customers.region customers.postal_code customers.country_code customers.language customers.swedish_identity_number customers.active_mandates transaction_fee_tax

so its column 11 payout_date as date
column 23 customers.company_name as description (or id column 1 as this could be tagged with the bill_id in quickfile to pair it with the invoice)
column 10 transaction_fee as amount_out but this needs to be made - (negative)

Can it be possible to put a date range on the import so that duplicates are not created or even better work with gocardless and set up a feed for the merchant account for go cardless?

Why do you import statements into GoCardless?
Do you not have Payment Integrations on for GoCardless?

Hi Syntaxlink,
I have reoccurring invoices that trigger a dd payment through gocardless.

To reconcile the invoice amount the gocardless charges and the payment account I followed this system from quickfile dos using a merchant account set up for the gocardless transactions. This is where I upload the statements from gocardless to reconcile the amounts in the bank and the gocardless charges. The pain is the uploading of the statements as I have to put them through a spread sheet first to change the value to a debt


Follow this setup

You do not need to import any statements for GoCardless.
Also you setup auto tagging to the invoice.

Hi Syntaxlink,
I do have that set up for my dd but you still have to deal with the differences between how much you charge and the gocardless fees which is why you put it through a merchant account on quickfile and upload the statements from gocardless to separate out the amount you dd for and the split between the gocardless fees and the amount that gets deposited in your bank account.

as per this link


Unless there is something I am missing!!!

For us go cardless sends us an invoice each month for the fees. We have a bank feed set up too so all the transfers come in so the difference would be for the invoices paid?

But anyway in our case the dd are sorted through quickfile which automates it all. No need to upload a statement

Yes… We use DD and GoCardless everyday and don’t need to upload any GoCardless statement. You don’t need to do that. (I think you have it all setup wrong)

When you get your monthly vat invoice from GoCardless for the fees, make a new purchase and mark it as paid from your “GoCardless Holding Account”

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