Uploading bank statement and reconciling with existing purchases

I typically make payments for equipment and materials using my business visa debit card. When the full narrative appears on my Natwest current account statement, I upload the details to my QF bank statement, where it sits as untagged. Either prior to or post this upload, I log/raise a purchase order. (that sits as unpaid). I then go into purchase management and hit the ‘make a payment’ icon. I tick paid in full, from business current account and pick Debit Card from the payment method options drop-down. This marks the supplier invoice as paid, but at the same time places a manually raised entry on the bank statement, effectively duplicating things as the uploaded entry is also present!
That said, if I then go into purchase management again and view this purchase order, it shows as debit card against payment method. If I go into the advanced search option from purchase management and look into the payment method options, debit card does not exist, but ‘visa debit’ does (I can only assume they one and the same?). I select visa debit and submit search…but it returns nothing…why??

I have subsequently tried a different approach. Uploaded the line item into QF current account and tagged => supplier payment => and raised one from the statement entry. Went into purchase payment, viewed details of the purchase order and amended the payment method directly against the payment (clicking the little pencil icon). Did the advanced search again, but still nothing.

Would be grateful for any pointers here as I think this could be a bug. I am keen to pull some stats on payment methods for analysis. Thank you.

EDIT: I have tested this payment method search on others (such as cash, bank transfer, cheque) and they all work. As a further experiment, I selected just 6 payments and exported the csv file and the PAYMETHOD column is displaying…correctly!

Starting with your duplicate payments in your bank account - really, you should only be doing one or the other. Why not tag the payment when it’s uploaded? That would prevent the duplication.

As for the Debit Card vs Visa Debit, I have no idea - maybe one of the QuickFile guys would like to get back to you on that.

It’s worth noting that the payment method itself has no affect on your accounts, and really is only there for reference. Very little of my payments actual reflect the true payment method.

Mathew, I have gone through this again and again and have decided the ‘best’ method for me is to upload the payment first then create a purchase order from the bank statement. That does work fine but requires me to manually change the payment method on the payment record to debit card (from the default of bank transfer). As I mentioned in the initial post, exporting to excel as a .csv file shows the pay method but,

FAO Glenn and the dev’t team - the advanced search on purchase payments will not display records that have debit card as their payment method, but I think it does for all others. What are you comments on that? Why the difference debit card v visa debit?

As @Parker1090 mentioned you should really be uploading your bank statement then tagging the items individually to link those bank entries to the open invoices. Manually paying the invoices again will create duplicates, if however you’ve already done this simply delete the untagged duplicates.

When you upload a statement then go back to the open purchases to add payments, the system won’t assume that those payments have already been uploaded. Especially if your purchase invoices predate the actual payments, it will have no way of knowing their duplicates.

Thank you. I am clear on this now. I will use the method you suggest, i.e. upload the statement, raise a purchase order then tag from the bank entry to pay the open invoice. If a matching PO happens not to be there, I can raise one in the tagging process.

Back to my point about payment methods - when carrying out the above, it is not possible to assign the actual payment method used at the time. The system labels everything as bank transfer (by default?). I know it is possible to change this directly against the payment record. Do you have any comments to share re the debit card versus visa debit scenario and the fact that advanced search does not work when looking for records showing paid by debit card?

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