Uploading one reciept to multiple entries (Merchant fees)

I have a live feed with our payment merchant who auto upload all fees as they go i.e 10p 30p 20p etc so there are thousands of entries, however, they provide monthly invoice totals which means I have 1 receipt for hundreds of 10p’s. Can you add a feature where we can link multiple transactions to one invoice? the only option i see currently is to add the same invoice to each one (would take weeks) or delete them all and upload 1 total (this would defeat the point of having accurate live feeds and worry me for reconcile errors)

In the settings for some payment provides (not all) you can tick a box to stop to upload the fees. When you receive your invoice you just enter the sum from the invoice and upload the receipt to that invoice.

I use the feed for several accounts and have never uploaded the receipt for bank fees/merchant account fees. I just keep them in a folder in my office. If hmrc comes one day and want to see them I can show the folder or login to the payment provider and show them the accounts online.

Ahh i will have a look at this i use sqaure

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