Uploading pdf receipts from computer

I have been sorting through and resending the receipts that were lost from the incident as advised. The auto-tag tool has also worked fine. I am however having problems in uploading documents that I saved onto my computer to the receipt hub. Any ideas as I have always used this with no problem previously?

I have just noticed that I can upload receipts saved in folders on my computer labelled February 2014 but not those labelled March 2014. I can’t see why that would make a difference.

Are the March 2014 ones uploading but not matching? Or are they just simply not uploading?

Hi Glenn,

They are just simply not uploading. I have come across one other so far in my January 2014 that won’t upload but everything else did.

The receipts will not upload on the Receipts Hub but will upload from the purchase invoice receipt page under “attached files”. The problem is that it then doesn’t show up as being “tagged” in the receipts hub.

Thanks for your clarification of the problem earlier. It should now allow you to upload those items. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you Glenn. I have just managed to upload all the invoices that I couldn’t before. Thanks for all your help.

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