Urgent help needed with PL on 2 bank accounts!

Hi I am new to quickfile and need some urgent help

I am running the books for a local community club. I have split the tranactions into 2 bank accounts as 1 is for the bar side which is vat reg, and the other for a hall side which is a charity.

I need to produce a P&L for each seperatley but when I run the report it is as combined. Is there any way of splitting the this out without having to do all the tansactions again?

Quick File will only run one P&L for your whole account. There’s no way to run P&L reports against specific bank accounts. To get two distinct P&L reports you’d need to separate the activity into two distinct Quick File accounts.

The other thing that may work is by using project tagging to tag all items for the bar side with one code and all the items for the charity side with another code. Within projects you can run project level P&L reports.

More on project tagging here

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Fab Glenn thank you so much x

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