Use of MTD for VAT Returns

I am a new User having picked up the role of Treasurer for our Charity a few months ago.
We are wanting to submit our VAT Returns for the last two quarters and find that they are simply Saved and not Submitted.

We are “Connected” to the HMRC Scheme, as suggested by the report attached, yet we are receiving the message you are “not yet Authorised to view this Report for the VRN 262434025” and having spoken to HMRC, they suggest we have a problem with our software, but I am not sure where to start.

HMRC Registration and connection.pdf (315.5 KB)
Any chance of some help please!!!



Have you actually registered your tax account for making tax digital?

Have you received confirmation from hmrc by email to say its set up?

Have you used the tax account login details to connect your quickfile account?

Have you authorised quickfile to submit returns?

All these steps need to be taken. Not just setting up quickfile.

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