Using Affinity to create new user or set up separately for client

As an accountant, I can see the benefits in time saving, particularly on bookkeeping with QF. I intend to get a few clients on QF and (with their written permission) enable bank feeds so that I am not chasing bank statements.
It will be our practice and not the clients performing the bookkeeping work.
Is it best to create a new QF account “as the client”, with separate email addresses from mine and not link to my Affinity Account? I already have a few clients with QF (who do their own bookkeeping) linked to my Affinity Account.
Any suggestions from fellow practitoners also welcome.

If you create an account through affinity and want client to access there own login you can create one for them.

They don’t need access using your details. And they won’t see the client account dashboard as you will.

Many thanks Paul …much appreciated.

May need a little help from support here. When I created an account via Affinity for a client, I added their default email address on set u, they only have one email address. Tried to add a user via Team management and it said that the email I was requesting (their default one) was already in use and I could not add a user with that email. Ended up using one of our aliases for now but need to sort this for any future new clients.

Yes, you can only use one email address for quickfile ( you could use the same email for affinity login, but that was not the question). So, only one email address for the normal quickfile accounts.
With most email supplies you can create alias email addresses. Maybe you can ask your client to do this. Or setting up a completely new email address with the same or another provider.

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