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Valid for incorrect and displays when deselected

for some reason valid for x days have started to be displayed on estimates even though due dates are deselected for both invoices and estimates. Also both values are set to 30 days but on estimates they show as 45 days. Would seem to be a bug or is it me?

Hi @tc5440

Although the option to hide the due date is unticked, an invoice would still have a due date for reporting purposes (e.g. overdue invoices).

Regarding the 45 days compared to 30, this could be set at a client level as each client has their own terms. Do you notice this with multiple clients, or just a few?

Hi Mathew,

thanks for the reply. I understand that all invoices/estimates have a reporting date but I would expect unticking the box would mean this not being printed on the actual estimate which it is. It is also doing this for all customers and all estimates since about 7th Feb as far as I can see.


Ok, it certainly shouldn’t be showing on the estimates if it’s unticked - apologies if I missed that in your post above.

Were the invoices / estimates created before or after this option was unticked?


you are right about the 30/45 days. I must have set this previously for this client.


I think at some point around then I have ticked then unticked this to see how it shows so I’m not sure for these but surely this should refresh to the setting when next saved>

Hi @tc5440

Let me take a look at this and come back to you. I just want to run something past our development team to make sure I’m giving you the correct information.