VAT accounted on sales invoices for non-vat registered entity


I have just noticed that Quickfile has automatically started adding vat on my most recent sales invoices, although my company is not VAT registered. I know that I am close to the registration threshold, but I am not planning on going over it so there is no need to account for VAT. I dont know how to fix it - when I open my invoices it shows there is not VAT, but when I go to the general ledger accounts I can see account named sales tax control account and when I login to it I can see that vat was accounted for on a number of invoices??? would you be able to look at it and correct it and if possible explain how to prevent this from happening in future?

My company name: Accounts Control (Uk) Ltd

Thank you

Hi @accontrol

This is controlled by a setting on your account. We wouldn’t automatically enable or disable this.

Whenever the VAT settings are updated however, there is a trace left in your event log, so it’s worth checking through this to see when this happened, and who done it.

Is there actually a balance on this nominal code?

Hi Mathew,

I have not done anything. I am just checking my VAT settings and there is non left - the box wheather the company is vat registered is un-ticked. I am quite experienced and I am sure that I did not make any changes to the program. That is why I refereed to the issue as system bug - because its abnormal.

It doesnt make sense either as when I open invoices there is no vat on them when I go to sales tax control account I can see recorded transactions such as “vat on invoice00…, vat on invoice…” when I open the invoices from there I can see 20% VAT on them, but when I go to my sales invoices list from the dash board and open the same invoices there is no vat on them


VAT won’t show when editing the invoice if VAT is enabled.

Are there any “VAT Settings Updated” records in your account event log?

VAT is not enabled and it has never been.

There is nothing shown in the event log. I haven’t touched my company settings. All i do is upload invoices and match payments received to them as I have been doing it for years.


I’ll send you a private message now so we can discuss this further.

Hi I have played with it and I think its fixed now. I went to my vat settings and enabled them then disabled them again and when I look at the invoices the vat was added onto old invoices when I was checking what it would be if I was vat registered on flat rate and then it was disabled, but it left some vat accounted for which I will now journal out

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