VAT agent linking

I am trying to do 2 VAT returns using your software as an agent. I have linked the accounts and registered MTD with HMRC and moved the accounts from the old VAT gateway to the MTD one but can get no further. What have I missed??

Hi @Derry,

Are you being faced with an error? and if so, what does this error say?

The message is ‘We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later’. I have been trying for two days now with this message coming all the time.

Hi @Derry,

This is returned from HMRC and so is out of our control. They must be having some issues, I would try again later and if the problem persists then you may wish to contact HMRC directly

Many thanks I am trying to contact HMRC now…

I have had the same problem for more than a week despite repeated attempts. I have checked all linking procedures and think they are ok. Any ideas. Have to file first vat return under MDT by 7th Aug !


Are you linked as an agent through affinity or as an individual?

I am working through affinity link.

when you log in directly with HMRC through the agent account can you see the clients details there and the link with MTD?

No Beth but I have completed linking clients to ASA and HMRC have comfirmed

If you can’t see the client accounts when you log in with HMRC directly then you won’t be able to see them through QuickFile either. You would need to speak with HMRC regarding this as the issue appears to lie with them

OK Beth thankyou anyway

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