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what is the user id and password settings for. are they the quickfile one s or the government gateway ones. im getting my email in user id popping up but have no idea if this this is correct, there is a password but have no idea what it is or what it should be in relation to the vat settings. i cannot get onto the vat return part although the gov say i’m connected.

Under MTD you don’t need to enter your gateway ID and password into QuickFile directly, instead if you tick the “use MTD features” box then it should hide the username and password fields and give you a drop down of connected tax accounts to choose from instead.

If you haven’t yet connected your account you can do that via reports -> HMRC.

What is the user name and password that is hidden. is it the ones i use to log onto Quickfile?

Prior to the introduction of MTD there was another method for submitting returns online through QuickFile which required you to enter your Government Gateway ID and password in these boxes.

Under MTD it works differently, instead of putting the credentials into a form on QuickFile you use the “connect” process where you log in to the government site directly and it grants a separate token to QuickFile, so QuickFile no longer needs to store your gateway password in their database.

Still cannot get access when i try to enter new vat return! Have definitely correct vat no and am registered and connected with HMRC.

Forgot to mention drop down account is correct one as well.

You shouldn’t be seeing both the tax account drop down and the username and password boxes, just one or the other depending whether you have “use MTD features” ticked.

Hmm, possibly if you have ticked to submit EC sales lists online, as this is a separate system that still needs the gateway ID and password.

If you’re seeing VAT periods listed when you log on to your HMRC account on directly but you’re not getting them in QuickFile then you’ve either connected the wrong account (some people have more than one gateway account, e.g. for personal taxes vs corporate ones) or something went wrong during the connection process. Try disconnecting the tax account from the QuickFile end and then running through the connection process again.

have disconnected and am seeing a box that asks for branch number. does tha t have to be filled in and with what?

Once you’ve redone the connection process on reports -> HMRC then you should just be able to tick “use MTD features” again and select a tax account.

SUCCESS! I could hug you ian_roberts! thank you sooooo much. it was so good to have someone take the time to help a computer illiterate person. i’m in your debt!!!

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