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VAT Bridging error - start date predates a return already submitted

Hello, I’m trying to file a VAT Return for 31st March 2020 but I’m getting this message

“The start date you have supplied predates a VAT return you have submitted in the past for a period ending 31 March 2020”

It is unfilled and it has pulled it through from HMRC as unfilled but I keep getting that message?



Are you submitting using MTD? Has the period been supplied by HMRC and is showing as open?

HI Beth, yes to MTD.

Yes its been supplied, and showing as open, but when I click to fils that error comes up

Hi @anthony27,

It’s worth checking the dates you have entered on your return. It sounds like you have already submitted a return for the 31 March 2020?

HI Beth,

we 100% haven’t HMRC are aware and said we needed to use a bridging software.

HI Beth,

solved it!!

Its becasue I had tried to do it another way before using MTD, deleted that and now it works

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